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Vacuum Systems

Looking to reduce the number of vacuum pumps scattered throughout your facility? Central vacuum systems specifically designed to handle standard industrial to the most extreme chemical applications provide reduced maintenance costs and expandable options for future facilities growth.

Vacuum Systems

Available Vacuum System Options

Applications for Our Vacuum Systems

Cullum & Brown has vacuum systems that are ready for any application. We know our customers need reliable equipment that can handle the toughest of jobs, our technicians are here to engineer and provide the system you need. From chemical systems that need an oil-free operation to claw systems that require little maintenance, Cullum & Brown can engineer systems for the most specific needs. Contact our team for more information on specific vacuum systems. 

What Types of Systems Does Cullum & Brown Offer?

Cullum & Brown offers both standard and customized vacuum systems. Our specialist teams can build, engineer, and design a vacuum system that has all of the desired parts and specifications for any job you need. We know that it could take one pump or ten to serve a certain purpose, so our experts are here to help with any questions you have. Our standard systems are developed standardized circuit units as system solutions, which feed the operating liquid back into the pumps. Circuit units are always available for the full range of pumps with certification and in stainless steel or cast iron. Cullum & Brown also is able to work with plug-and-play solutions for our customers that are tailored for your specific needs.

What Should You Expect with Your Vacuum System?

Cullum & Brown vacuum systems are always ready and capable of taking on the toughest of jobs. Our team of specialists is here to help you with any questions regarding your current system or vacuum systems in our arsenal of products. Your world never stops moving, we plan on keeping it that way.

Cullum & Brown is here to guide you through every buying process. We look at the entire application and system to provide the best possible technology for our customer’s needs. Contact us to learn more. 
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