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Compressed Air Quality

At Cullum & Brown, our Gardner Denver compressors offer everything needed to set up a stable, clean, and efficient air system. With a comprehensive range of purification equipment available, Cullum & Brown can exactly match your system requirements, ensuring both capital and operational costs are kept to a minimum.
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Food and Beverage Industry

Compressed air purification equipment is essential in the food and beverage industry where air purity is necessary for the integrity of products and processes. It must deliver uncompromising performance and reliability with the right balance of air quality and cost of operation. The quality of compressed air used in the food industry is of utmost importance as contamination can result in altered or polluted product batches and risk health hazards for consumers. Our team at Cullum & Brown is committed to being your air quality experts.

Air Testing

Do you know your air quality? Annual compressed air quality testing is required for food and beverage manufacturers. Testing is completed against recognized standards to cover dirt, water, and oil. Open the brochure below to learn more about XtremeAir Testing.
XtremeAir Testing

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