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Preventative maintenance is the most important long term service activity an end-user should consider to assure equipment reliability. We offer complete preventative maintenance programs that can be as simple as an annual equipment inspection to verify functionality and performance, or as sophisticated as a monthly service that includes consumable parts and lubricant replacement/analysis, troubleshooting, operational trends over time, and full reports catered to the desire of the customer. As an additional benefit, participants in our preventative maintenance programs are charged a reduced labor rate, which is our way of showing a commitment to partnership.

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How important is preventative maintenance for Industrial Compressed Air Products?

What does an hour of downtime cost your company? Depending on the size and nature of your operation, the answer could easily reach thousands of dollars. It becomes pretty clear that your best option when it comes to service on your compressor, blower, vacuum pump, or blower is to be proactive.

Cullum & Brown customizes their preventative maintenance agreements to your needs.

Cullum and Brown offers customized maintenance agreements specifically tailored to your application and equipment. These agreements are based on annual running hours and equipment environment. We keep track of your equipment utilization and service it accordingly. You pay only for the maintenance that is required. This not only helps eliminate unplanned breakdowns and expensive repair bills, but also provides reliable, clean, dry air from your compressed air system.

Our customized maintenance agreements offer a huge benefit. Our customers can elect in, or out, at any time. We look at it as an agreement or a partnership, not a contract. We aim to earn and keep your business for the long term!

Cullum & Brown’s Preventative Service Agreements take everything into account

Once you decide to partner with us on a preventative service agreement, we take a holistic approach using a proven 49-point checklist to make sure all aspects of your compressed air system are covered. We also offer this as a free service if you are considering a service agreement as it provides a great baseline to better understand your goals.

What do you need to think about when considering a service agreement?

When was the last time you changed all of your compressed air filters?

From onboard filtration to downstream filtration there could be a multitude of filters. Once they become clogged it can cost you big time

Did you know compressed air dryers and condensate drains produce and remove a lot of moisture in a given day?

Regular service on these items are a must as added moisture can cause havoc on your system.

When was the last time you performed a lubricant analysis?

Taking samples every 2000 hrs is a great way to understand the health of your equipment.

Have you ever performed temperature measurements on your compressed air systems?

Keeping the temperature below or at MFG requirements will increase the life of your equipment. Keep an eye on the air intake temp., ambient air temp, intercooler approach temp, thermo mixing valve in and out temp and after-cooler outlet temp.

When was the last time your lubricant, oil filter, inlet filter, and air/oil separator were changed? Were they changed on time?

Missed changes on these items can really add up over the life of your compressor costing you big time down the road. Change these, in many cases quarterly, to maximize your compressed air equipment’s life.

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