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Screw Vacuum Pumps

With screw vacuum pumps there are no contacting parts, oil free compression chambers, and low maintenance costs.

Screw Vacuum Pumps

Screw Pump Products Available

What Are the Types of Screw Pumps?

At Cullum & Brown, we offer three different types of screw pumps: the single pitch, dual pitch, and the progressive pitch screw pump. 

  • The single pitch – where the distance between the screw flights does not change.
  • The dual pitch – this has a single change in the screw pitch, resulting in compression along with some point of the screw and at the end of the screw.
  • The progressive pitch – where the screw pitch is constantly changing and there is compression along the screw.

How Does the Screw Pump Work?

The simplest way to visualize how a screw pump works is to picture a machine screw with a nut on it, in which the nut is the gas being pumped. As the screw turns, it moves the gas along the screw body. The only work that occurs is at the end of the screw when the nut tightens against the head of the screw.
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This allows the vacuum to be deeper end with a higher capacity during pump down evacuations. Since there is no oil compression, this means there is no oil in the discharged air. 

What Are the Benefits and Uses of Screw Pumps?

With screw vacuums, there are no rubbing parts, oil-free compression chambers, and low maintenance costs. The screw pump vacuum is one of the highest efficiency technologies running at 60% efficiency, and also is the most versatile. Screws are typically the highest upfront cost but have one of the lowest associated maintenance costs. 

 Where Can This Technology Be Used?

Screw technology is used in various applications including: Chemical, pharmaceutical, packaging, pneumatic conveying, woodworking, laser cutting, thermo-forming, food & beverage processing, vacuum hold-down.

Cullum & Brown is here to guide you through every buying process. We look at the entire application and system to provide the best possible technology for our customer’s needs.

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