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Oil Free Rotary Screw / Scroll

When compressed air quality is critical and the smallest drop of oil can damage or spoil product, oil free compressed air is the best fit. We have the flexibility, thanks to the broadest range of class Zero oil-free and oil-less technologies in the industry, to match your highest of standards.

Oil Free Rotary Screw / Scroll
3 HP
500 HP

What is an Oil-Free Rotary Compressor?

Oil-free rotary compressors compress air without utilizing lubricant in the compression chamber. Within the dry compression chamber, contactless intermeshing rotors typically coated with a type of PTFE coating create compression.

Why Choose an Oil-Free Rotary Compressor?

Oil-free rotary compressors don’t use lubricant. Because these compressors don’t use lubricant, oil-free rotary compressors are typically two-stage utilizing an intercooler to remove heat caused by compression. Also, the lack of sealing fluid requires much higher rotational speeds than typical oil flooded type compressors.

Oil-Free Rotary Compressors are Safe and Efficient

Oil-free rotary compressors create oil-free air. This eliminates the possible contamination of products downstream that may come in contact with plant compressed air. If your company is in a position where air quality is critical and costs of product contamination are high, oil-free rotary compressors should be considered. And because of the oil-free design, the compressors are easier on the environment and the total cost of ownership is reduced significantly.

Buying an Oil-Free Rotary Compressor

Companies operating in food production, instrument air, laboratories, medical, chemical production, and power generation would be good fits to purchase an oil-free rotary compressor. Things to consider is whether oil-free air is absolutely mandatory in your company’s production. Oil-free rotary compressors are typically more expensive and have a short lifespan because of the higher temperatures and air-end speeds. Also, if compressed air comes in contact with the final manufactured product and the potential for damage or spoilage is high, oil-free rotary compressors is the correct choice for your air compressor.

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