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Positive Displacement Blowers

Positive Displacement Blowers are the most versatile industrial blower technology on the market today.

Positive Displacement Blowers

Thanks to its very wide range of pressure and flow, Positive Displacement Blowers are used in a variety of applications and industries from moving bulk solids to aeration. See many of the applications below:

Chemical — Vacuum Processing & Conveying, Dairy — Automated Milking, Environmental Services — Sewer Cleaning & Portable, Cement & Lime — Fluidization & Conveying, Resin & Plastic — Processing & Conveying, Process Gas — Gas Boosting, Soil Remediation — Vacuum Extraction & Sparging, Industrial — Material Vacuuming, Milling & Baking — Blending & Conveying, Dry Bulk Hauling — Trailer Unloading & Aeration, Power Generation — Fly Ash Conveying & Aeration, Pulp & Paper — Chip Conveying & Process Vacuum, Oil & Gas — Gas Collection & Sparging, Aquaculture – Aeration

gd sutorbilt positive displacement blower

GD Sutorbilt

Type: Lobe
Airflow to 16,800 CFM
Pressure to 20 PSIG
Vacuum to 16” Hg

gd triflow positive displacement blower

GD Triflow

Type: Tri Lobe
Airflow to 600 CFM
Vacuum to 16” Hg

gd duroflow positive displacement blower

GD Duroflow

Type: Lobe
Airflow to 4,000 CFM
Pressure to 15 PSIG
Vacuum to 16” Hg

gd heliflow positive displacement blower

GD Heliflow

Type: Helical Tri Lobe
Airflow to 3,200 CFM
Pressure to 15 PSIG
Vacuum to 16” Hg

gd cycloblower positive displacement blower

GD Cycloblower

Type: Helical Screw
Airflow to 6,700 CFM
Pressure to 20 PSIG
Vacuum to 17” Hg

iq positive displacement blower package

IQ Packages

Type: Factory Direct Blower Package
Airflow to 1,500 CFM (2549m3/h)
Pressure to 15 PSIG (1.034 bar)
Vacuum to 16” Hg
 (542 mbar)
7.5-100 HP (6-75 kW)

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