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An air audit report is an assessment carried out by Cullum & Brown to help businesses understand the energy consumption and performance of their air compressor system. This audit is especially useful for businesses that are experiencing excess energy costs or compressed air losses due to potentially incorrect or outdated equipment. 

The audit analyzes the supply and demand usage through airflow and electric metering to generate a report. The report identifies leaks, wastes, and associated costs, and offers recommendations and a financial analysis. 

Why Get an Air Audit Report

An air audit report is an affordable way to maximize your savings in the long term by ensuring your equipment is operating at peak performance. The detailed information obtained from an air audit report could potentially result in average energy savings of up to $20k to $30k per year for your business. 

Long-Term Benefits

  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Increased useful life
  • Greater reliability
  • Reduction in air waste by as much as 50%
  • Improve productivity and increase profitability
  • Offset upfront costs and shorten payback periods on new equipment
  • Enhance your system knowledge

The Cullum & Brown Difference

At Cullum & Brown, we provide a compressed air audit report tailored to your facility’s air compressors and processes to guarantee accurate data. We will use a hot tapping technique to measure in live time without shutting down operations entirely, saving time and money. This report includes the actual flow and power of your equipment, not estimates based on manufacturer data. We will provide a face-to-face consultation after the audit to discuss any recommended upgrades and understand your needs. Our goal is to help customers for years to come.

A graph of a daily audit report measuring flow (CFM), and power (kW). A second graph of a daily audit report measuring pressure (PSIG).

Case Study

During this case study, we identified several potential energy-saving solutions for the customer. These solutions were estimated to result in an annual savings of up to $16,000. At Cullum & Brown, we understand the importance of staying informed about your energy usage, which is why we offer daily and weekly usage summaries, as well as data summaries, flow and pressure summaries, and various solution-oriented options for you to choose from. 

Table with data summary of the current system and the compressor electrical cost.


Air Audit Rebates 

At Cullum & Brown, we are registered trade allies of Evergy, an energy provider for Kansas City, and Excel, an energy provider for Colorado. This means that after our team performs the audit, we will submit the findings to the power company to apply for energy savings and rebates on your behalf. 


We offer compressed-air audit reports to all customers, new or existing, with or without a current service agreement. The audit reports are beneficial for new systems, moving facilities, new projects, or simply ensuring that your existing air compressor systems are working efficiently. 

Evergy – Kansas City Customers

If you are an Evergy commercial customer located in Missouri, you may be eligible for standard rebates for upgrades to your existing facilities. You don’t need pre-approval for this. To get started, you can connect with Cullum & Brown and they will take care of the rest. For more information, visit the Evergy website.

Excel Energy – Colorado Customers

Excel Energy is offering business customers in Colorado a Compressed Air Efficiency study funding and rebate program. To be eligible, customers must connect with Cullum & Brown and we will submit your study application for pre-approval. Subsequently, Cullum & Brown will complete and submit the report for the study and request reimbursement. For more information, visit the Excel Energy website.

The Bottom Line

With the potential for significant long-term benefits, including reduced maintenance costs, increased useful life, and greater reliability, an air audit report is an affordable investment that can result in significant energy savings per year for your business. 

Contact us today and let us become your trusted partner in improving your bottom line with an air audit report to improve your air compressor efficiency.