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How Can You Get a Compressed Air Audit Report?

Cullum & Brown offers our compressed air audit reports to anyone, whether you are a new or an existing customer, our compressed air audits offer you up-to-date information for the pressure, flow, and energy outputs at your manufacturing facility. These can be used for a brand new system, if you are moving facilities, wanting to start a new project, or if you just want to make sure your air compressor systems are doing what they need to do in order for your business to succeed. 

If your plant is starting at square one, a compressed air audit can be beneficial so you can measure what you can expect for your forthcoming energy outputs and how you can calibrate your systems to work in your favor. If you have an existing system, an air audit report can show you if your air compressors are exerting too much energy and ultimately can save you money. 

An air audit report is a very inexpensive way to maximize your savings long term, whether that be better utilizing your existing equipment or upgrading your equipment so that it is more efficient. Making sure your equipment is operating at its peak performance is the goal to ensure you are minimizing your overall electrical energy costs. We make sure you understand your customized compressed air audit report from start to finish, so you know what you are fully paying for and how you could benefit in the future. 

Do you need to have a Cullum & Brown compressor to get a report?

No, we do air audit reports for all new or existing customers with air compressors on site. Our hot tapping measurement tools work with any air compressor on the market, so no matter what, you are getting the most reliable and immediate information you need to move forward. 

Our air audit reports showcase the most detailed and accurate measurements from your systems, what you do with that report is entirely up to you. Either way, our trained experts are there to guide you through the process from the moment you inquire about an air audit report all the way to talking you through the necessary solutions and how to get your manufacturing facility to the best place it can be.  

To learn more about another client’s experience with our air audit reports, read their case study here.

What is the difference between a compressed air audit report and a service agreement?

If you are a customer with an existing service agreement with Cullum & Brown, our air audit reports go hand in hand with those agreements so you are getting the right solutions for any issues that may arise. These go directly to our sales and service technician teams so they are kept up to date with any needs that come along with your air compressor systems. 

If we identify any inefficiency through the air audit report, we address the current system not by just adding equipment but looking at the system holistically to ensure it operates better, whether that is by improving the controls or by improving the utilization of the system’s structure. It’s not just about updating the system or adding equipment, it’s about maintaining what you currently have as well. 

However, we offer air audit reports independently from our service agreements. This information is gathered specifically to help your business understand excess energy outputs and prevent additional budget loss. 

What makes Cullum & Brown different?

Cullum & Brown’s compressed air audit reports go past the standard. Through our hot tapping techniques, you don’t have to shut down operations entirely in order to get the measurements you need to improve your manufacturing process. We draw out the measurements in live time, so you don’t have to waste time or money when conducting an air audit report. 

The detailed reports that we provide include the actual flow and actual power of your working equipment. We don’t extrapolate the manufacturer’s datasheet information, which is taken during perfect conditions. These air audit reports are entirely tailored to your process and your facility’s air compressors. We show you more than just pressure and power, we measure real-time information and don’t rely on algorithms to get you the necessary measurements you need. We stand behind our data and guarantee it 100%. 

In many cases, once we have finished our air audit reports and provided your team with expert advice and custom solutions for your facility, our team comes back to do a second air audit report to ensure we made the right decisions for your new or current systems. We verify our findings because we aim to help customers for years to come. 

Cullum & Brown is here to guide you through every air audit report process. We look at the entire application and system to provide the best possible technology for our customer’s needs. Contact us to learn more.