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What is compressed air? 

Compressed air is the air that is under a pressure greater than atmospheric pressure. Compressing the air makes the molecules move more rapidly, which increases the temperature. The increased temperature allows for a preferred medium for transfer in industrial processes which benefits the overall use of tools, operations for air cylinders, and breaks. Compressed air is used for many different applications in almost every industry. What some might not realize is that compressed air is a vital component of a medical facility’s overall operation.

Compressed air is used for many different applications in the facility, including breathing air, controlled air, laboratory air, booms & air tools, MRI equipment, which all depend on clean dry air.


Why do hospitals use it?

Hospitals utilize compressed air in their facilities for many reasons. Operating rooms and daily functions related to primary care and maintenance tasks cannot be carried out without high-quality and compressed air systems in place. 

Compressed air is a major utility for hospitals and is used in many facets of the facility:

Breathing air systems for respirators & ventilators, operating rooms, climate control, air tools & specific medical equipment all rely on clean dry air.

In many cases, the air quality is critical to the patient’s safety and wellbeing. It is vital for medical facilities to have medical-grade air quality- a clean supply of compressed air used to distribute medical gas. It has to be free of contamination and particles, have no oil or odors, and dry to prevent water build-up in the facility’s pipeline. A quality air compressor removes potential pathogens and bacteria from the air ducts and ultimately purifies the air throughout the building. 


Why is this necessary?

Compressed air systems in hospitals are used 24/7. 

It’s heavily relied upon in everyday operations that could range from simple, everyday tasks like doing the laundry to critical patient procedures. 

Even though compressed air systems can be found throughout a hospital, the specific type of technology used can always vary. This would depend on several different factors, such as application, required pressure, capacity, and the frequency of use. Cullum & Brown has experts that can determine the correct air compressor technology for your facility. 


How does Cullum & Brown help?

Cullum & Brown represents a full line of compressed air technologies that are used in medical facilities: including scroll, oil-less reciprocating, screw & centrifugal. We have several new units and used units in-stock, as well as rental units available.

The healthcare industry continues to be a primary focus and key part of our business. We have the knowledge & expertise to help you in every step of your compressed air needs.

Check out the results of our work with this local Kansas City hospital here!


Cullum & Brown is here to guide you through every buying process. We look at the entire application and system to provide the best possible technology for our customer’s needs. Contact us to learn more.