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The Cullum & Brown Process

In the market for an industrial air compressor, blower, or pump equipment? Whether you’re interested in buying or renting, Cullum & Brown offers industrial solutions to fit your individualized needs, as well as full-service, 24/7 responsive emergency service and repair to keep things running smoothly for your business.

How to Get Started

It can be overwhelming to start the process of buying or renting an air compressor system or other industrial equipment. That’s why we like to keep things simple so you can stay focused on what matters.

Current customers can contact their dedicated account managers to arrange a rental or purchase. Clients who are unsure who their account manager is or don’t have access to contact information can call us to get started with renting or purchasing equipment.

New customers who are ready to proceed with equipment rental or purchase can contact us to begin the quote process. During the quote process, one of our dedicated account managers will answer any questions about our products and services. We offer 24/7 responsiveness to quote inquiries, and a Cullum & Brown employee will always pick up the phone!

Customers need to be able to provide their CFM and PSIG requirements in order for us to accurately size equipment. Additionally, we need to know the power available at the client site so air compressor equipment can be set up to run using the correct voltage and amps. If a client is unable to provide this information, Cullum & Brown’s on-staff electricians and technicians can help determine the correct voltage and amps.

Consider Your Options

Customers who want to understand their options before going forward with an air compressor solution rental, purchase, or quote inquiry can explore our equipment solutions. 

We offer top-tier product lines such as Gardner Denver, a leading global manufacturer of air compressors. Additionally, Cullum & Brown offers the highest caliber of blower products, including Sutorbilt, Duroflow, CycloBlower, Triflow, and Heliflow.

Our industrial vacuum pump equipment products can support applications across meat/poultry processing, biofuels, chemical, grain food products, general process industries, and much more. Our specialized vacuum pump solutions can support medical, industrial, and laboratory applications.

For those interested in rental equipment, Cullum & Brown offers the largest compressor, air dryer, blower, and vacuum pump rental fleets, including:

  • Compressors ranging from 5HP to 300HP in our electric stationary models and 185 cfm to 1550 cfm in our diesel portable models
  • Oil-free compressed air
  • Rental vacuum pumps through 50 HP
  • Rental air dryers through 12,500 CFM

Cullum & Brown also offers custom-built packaging as an option. Our engineers collaborate with each of our clients to design industrial solutions to meet individual needs. 

Commitment to Service

Once a client rents or purchases an air compressor system or blower or pump equipment, we continue to offer 24/7 responsiveness for any service needs that arise. We approach air compressor repair and service from a total lifecycle perspective, which means offering a preventative maintenance plan that not only builds in leak-detection technology but can lower up-front equipment costs for participants in the plan.

For emergency service, clients can always call us in the Kansas City area at 816-842-7711 or in the Springfield area at 417-869-0066. For electric motor repair/service in Kansas City or Springfield, we offer both onsite service at our facility and field repair capabilities so we can serve you where you need us.

Here to Serve You

Compressed air is one of the top utility expenses for a manufacturing facility, which is why Cullum & Brown offers a wide range of compressed air and other equipment solutions to fit our clients’ individual needs. With more than 135 years of experience serving the Kansas City metro area, our reach has grown to 59 counties in Missouri and 24 in Kansas. We’re excited to serve your industrial compressed air, blower, and pump equipment needs and hope to hear from you soon!