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Our Newest Offerings

Graco manufactures some of the most trusted pumps on the market. Made entirely in the USA for more than 90 years, Graco’s premium equipment sets the standard for fluid management. So, for several years, Cullum & Brown has been proud to offer a wide range of Graco pumps engineered for a variety of needs. And now, we’d like to introduce you to three more Graco pumps that we’ve just added to our lineup: Graco Saniforce e-Series, FG Series, and Bin Evacuation Systems.

It’s big news. Because, your facility has a process that needs to run smoothly. Any disruption to that process means lost time – and lost dollars. Designed for the food & beverage and cosmetics industries, Graco’s Saniforce line features food grade pumps that can help protect your process – ensuring you stay on-time and on-target. In fact, with one of these new high- viscosity pumps, you may just find that you’re improving your efficiency and moving materials even faster.

The e-Series

The Saniforce e-Series are electric-operated double diaphragm pumps that can help you reduce energy consumption by up to 5 times and accurately meter fluid. Their unique, patented technology eliminates unnecessary pump failures due to clogged lines or closed valves. The seal-less diaphragm design eradicates leaking and failures due to run-dry pump conditions. And, with an electric pump, you’ll have a cleaner and quieter work environment than if you were utilizing an air-operated pump. And did we mention that Saniforce diaphragm pumps are some of the easiest to clean on the market?

The FG-Series

The Saniforce FG-Series is comprised of four easy-to-clean and sanitize pumps ideal for food & beverage applications requiring high flow rates and portability. Designed for rigorous, continuous use with quick knockdown design, these pumps are preferred for materials like concentrated fruit juices, sauces, jams, jellies, wine and edible oils. And with a Graco air valve, you’ll have increased durability, plus easy repairs.

Bin Evacuation Systems

The Saniforce Bin Evacuation Systems feature the cleanest way to unload materials without introducing Airborne bacteria. With one of these unloading pumps, you’ll be able to evacuate up to 99% of material, giving you more control over your process while saving you money. And, with the ability to unload up to 2,000,000 cps efficiently from 300-gallon bag-in-bin containers, you’ll no longer have a need for manual scooping or bin-dumping.

Time To Talk Solutions

At Cullum & Brown, we’re ready to discuss even more benefits you’ll experience using a Graco Saniforce pump. No matter which one you’re interested in learning more about, we’re the team you can turn to. We’re experts in Graco systems. But, more importantly, we’re experts in ensuring you get the absolute right product for your business needs. So, whether you go with a Graco pump or a completely different manufacturer, you can rest assured that you have a partner who can help you minimize confusion and maximize the return on your important investment.

Let Cullum & Brown guide you through every step of the purchase process. And, as always, we’ll be here to support you with reliable service for your system. After all, we’re happy to be in the business of keeping yours running smoothly.