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About Gardner Denver Products

Gardner Denver is a leading, global manufacturer of compressed air systems. Cullum & Brown is one of their trusted and authorized distributors. Gardner Denver offers multiple industrial air compressor products across all applications to ensure the customer gets the right product for their specific industry. When compressed air is critical to your operation, Cullum & Brown and Gardner Denver are the best fit. We have the flexibility, thanks to the broadest range of compressor and air treatment technologies in the industry to match your application. 


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Rotary Air Compressors

Our rotary air compressors from Gardner Denver utilize fixed and variable speed drive technologies and are expertly designed for 24/7 operation. With convenient utility connections and a vast amount of 2-500HP models warehoused in Sedalia, MO, we can ensure a quick and cost-effective installation. Many of these products have an industry leading 10 year warranty with energy efficient operation. Gardner Denver has proven technology to help you keep moving.


Air Treatment Products

Our Gardner Denver air treatment product line is the broadest range of air treatment technology available in the industry. Designed for 24/7 operations, these products have 2.5 to 10,000 cfm available. Our options are all equipped with energy-efficient operational settings and have low installation costs, all from your local sales, parts, and service provider, Cullum & Brown.


Oil-Less and Oil-Free Compressors

The Gardner Denver oil-free air compressors are ideal to provide the highest quality of air for your manufacturing needs. Offering not only 100% pure oil-free air but also improved energy efficiency, these compressors are made to meet the precise needs of a diverse range of industries. Gardner Denver produces the technology to keep you moving, Cullum & Brown supplies you with exactly what you need.


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