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Service Agreements with Cullum & Brown

Did you know that you can have access to Cullum & Brown’s 24/7 expert service technicians even if you aren’t an existing customer? We offer service agreements to anyone who has an air compressor or similar manufacturing equipment in their facility. We provide service agreements for any make or model, no matter how many pieces of equipment you have. Cullum & Brown has the capability to make timely agreements depending on your needs. Whether that means your equipment needs to be routinely checked monthly, yearly, or somewhere in between, we work around your schedule.

We offer our repair services in any way your facility needs. If you have technicians on staff that you would like to handle the bulk of the work, we offer our services to oversee the repair process until you are confident in your team’s ability to move forward without our assistance. We also offer annual services to make sure your operations are going as smoothly as they possibly can, and if necessary, Cullum & Brown can take over your entire compressor room in order to ensure success for your facility’s operations. We take care of things with an entirely holistic approach, so you won’t have to worry about a missing piece of the process or contacting another third-party service provider to finish the job. 

Our New Customer Process

If you’re wondering just how Cullum & Brown is able to provide service agreements to customers who don’t have our equipment, the answer is our 135 years of experience in the air compressor industry. Our team of expert technicians and sales representatives take an extensive inventory of your current systems and technology stored in your compressor rooms. Then, our teams take that information internally to review and collect all necessary information based on that specific type of equipment’s owner manuals and manufacturer recommendations. We learn everything about the compressors you use so you can trust our service technicians wholly when they come to repair and provide routine maintenance on your equipment. We understand that the more reliable your equipment is, that means less downtime for your compressors and fewer production expenses in the long term and we want to be the service provider that helps you get there.  

Why You Need Service Agreements

Think of service agreements as a preventative measure against potential costs and expenses. You can’t foresee mistakes or downed equipment, so Cullum & Brown combats this by providing our expertise in your facility. If your compressor is not regularly serviced or paid attention to, you might miss an important routine maintenance job that might turn into a bigger issue in the future. Don’t let your compressor rooms become a forgotten piece of your process. On average, if your compressor has been without maintenance for an extended amount of time and is in need of a large scale repair, this could mean a fix costing upwards of 50% of the original cost of the equipment. With a service agreement, our contracts cost a fraction of that original budget for routine upkeep. Not only that, but our customers receive a discount on our labor rate and a partner rate, as well as a discount on our rental equipment to keep your business running while your existing machinery is getting its much-needed tune up. 

How Cullum & Brown is Different

Our service agreements aren’t just for air compressors, even though they are integral pieces of equipment for any manufacturing plant or factory, we offer fixes for vacuum pumps and blowers as well if you aren’t quite ready to replace that technology. For new customers, Cullum & Brown provides complimentary walkthroughs and an assessment of your current technology. If you are an owner or are seeking additional help if you are experiencing a catastrophic event with your air compressor or other equipment, Cullum & Brown is here to help. You don’t need a service agreement to acquire our services. We can maintain and take care of your equipment whenever you need it. 

Cullum & Brown is here to guide you through every buying process. We look at the entire application and system to provide the best possible technology for our customer’s needs. Contact us to learn more.