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Energy Storage Solutions

Cullum & Brown puts their clients’ needs first. It’s our job to find the specific technologies that fit your company’s needs. Our services can be customized to your goals, as well as built to fit into your existing system if needed. Our engineers are trained to make the process as straight-forward as possible! 

One client, a notable energy storage solution company with more than 10,000 employees worldwide, was struggling with hazardous conditions including failing equipment located in an extreme environment to operate PD blowers. This global leader powers one in three of the world’s vehicles producing more than 150 million batteries worldwide and this hazard was impacting production efficiency. To ensure both the safety of their employees, and the efficiency of their production, Cullum & Brown created an individualized plan.

A preventative maintenance program was implemented where we determined the proper PPE to be worn in extreme conditions is a PAPR, or power air purifying respirator. In addition to finding new ways to ensure the safety of employees, we scheduled monthly equipment checks where each blower, thermal images and vibration reading are closely inspected. 

As a direct result of our preventative maintenance program, our client reached peak productivity and reliability. The customer is now notified prior to possible failures, and can choose to schedule downtime to service equipment. This allows them to focus their maintenance staff on prioritized areas of the plant, increasing efficiency.