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Cullum & Brown has clients that have been around for decades.

Cullum & Brown was built with the intention of keeping our customers moving, no matter the season and no matter the manufacturing need, we are there to provide important service and equipment. Over the years, we have been able to follow through on that initiative time and time again, so much so that some of our clients have been around for decades! In lieu of that promise of excellent service, celebrating 135 years of Cullum & Brown isn’t just about us, it means celebrating our clients too! Today we will be focusing on one of our longest-standing clients, Berry Global. 

  • What originally brought you to Cullum & Brown?

We were in need of repairs on our aging compressors in the early 1990s and we needed a 24/7 highly responsive and highly knowledgeable compressor service company. That’s where the team at Cullum & Brown came in! 

  • What aspect of our process has kept you around for so long? 

The amazing customer service that Cullum & Brown provides and the promptness to respond to any issues. 

  • What brand/kind of manufacturing equipment do you have in your facility? 

Compressors, air dryers, and so many other large-scale manufacturing equipment! 

  • Can you tell us about an instance in which Cullum & Brown went above and beyond as a partner? 

SO many times, but I would say when they came to the rescue with a huge rental unit to keep our productions going. We didn’t have to worry about extended downtime if our equipment stopped working or needed repair. 

  • Did you know Cullum & Brown has been around for 135 years?

I knew it was over 100 years but 135 years is AMAZING. 

  • In your own words, describe how your experience has been working with Cullum & Brown. 

Fantastic! I truly enjoy all aspects of their team from scheduling to accounting to the amazing technicians we have built wonderful relationships with. Of course, I have to mention Shiela and the leadership she provides for her team. You can just see the love and support she provides and that is what holds a company together to last years and years to come. 

We’re so glad to have had the opportunity to work with Berry Global over the span of several decades, with more to come! Cullum & Brown is dedicated to providing the best service to all of our customers, no matter if they’ve seen us grow into 135 years or just began a service agreement with us. For those of you who don’t know our history, learn more about our origin story to truly get acquainted with Cullum & Brown! 

After 135 years in the business, we have come to know exactly what you need and have the ability to provide those solutions. Today, we are the ultimate source for service, sales, and rentals of compressors, blowers, vacuums, and pumps serving Missouri and Kansas. You can experience what makes Cullum & Brown different by talking to our expertly trained technicians and sales staff. We understand that your world never stops moving, and we want to keep it that way. Thank you for being a great part of our history!